Bleu de Paname was launched in 2009 as a “secret” brand, at the initiative of Christophe Lépine and Thomas Giorgetti.

Christophe was born in 1978 in the town of Verrières-le-Buisson, in the south suburbs of Paris, where he met his business partner, Thomas, when they were both still children. The founder – in 2009 – of a brand in part dedicated to workwear, knows from experience what the true value of hard work is.

Despite having always felt at home at Nike, Christophe’s overall feeling of weariness was getting stronger. Also, he was beginning to feel like it was time for him to “tell a new story” while spreading a certain set of values. Bored by what was then happening on the men’s fashion scene, Christophe kept his eye on the rise of vintage clothing and “champagne socialists sporting workwear”… “There was obviously something to be done with French workwear, our cultural heritage. A much needed walk down the road less travelled.” This road would turn out to be Bleu de Paname, a made-in-France brand launched in 2009, which Christophe Lépine turned into a full-time job with his friend Thomas Giorgetti in 2011.