puma-disc blaze crackle-pack

EN: Following the launch of its recent Marble Pack, PUMA begins the new year with another Trinomic collection, this time featuring an unique “crackle” design. Inspired by the sport of tennis, particularly the sunbaked clay tennis courts and crackle painted court lines, the so-called “Crackle” Pack includes 3 popular PUMA Trinomic models – The Blaze Of Glory, XT2+ and Disc Blaze, each in 3 different colorways for a total of 9 uniquely different editions.Check our online store to buy this amazing Puma sneakers.


IT: Dopo il lancio del recente Marble Pack, Puma ha deciso di iniziare questo nuovo anno con un’altra raccolta di Trinomic presentando una nuova interessante realease dell’ormai celebre “Crackle Pack”. Prendendo ispirazione dal tennis, Puma disegna questa linea di sneakers con evidenti richiami agli assolati campi in terra battuta e alle “decrepite” linee che li disegnano. Il “Crackle Pack” include tre dei più importanti modelli targati Puma – Blaze Of Glory, XT2 + e Disc Blaze – declinati in tre colorazioni ciascuno per un totale di nove affascinanti e colorate sneakers.


Presto troverete disponibili alcuni di questi modelli targati Puma nel nostro store online e da Superstilyn’, in via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice 132, a Roma.

Rimanete Sintonizzati!

bleu de paname superstylin
Bleu de Paname collection

We are very happy to announce a fresh new brand in our store: Bleu de Paname.

Kevin Duong came directly from Paris to visit us and to show us the next amazing fall collection for 2014, so we decided to have little talk with him.

Hi Kevin and welcome in Rome! When it is all started and which is your brand philosophy ?

The story of Bleu de Paname started in Paris in 2008 with Christopher and Thomas, the two co-founders of the brand. The idea was to give a modern vision of the french workwear, to show that french factories are alive and can provide qualitative products at a reasonable price.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

French workwear, vintage military, japan denim treatment.

superstylin meets blue-de-paname
Bleu de Paname collection

What’s your favourite spot in Paris?

11th district of paris. A cultural mix between influences from graphic design, music and fashion.

What’s in ‘Bleu de Paname’ future?

We want to develop the brand step by step keeping focus on our ethos, doing good clothes with a particular attention to details and fabrics at a reasonable price.

Which is a ‘must have’ item in men’s wardrobe for the next fall season?

Black Wool Double comptoir “Bleu de Paname” and wool leisure pant “Bleu de Paname”.

Thanks Kevin, we are looking forward to have those clothes at SuperStylin’ next October!


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