RELEASE 01/07/2017

Together with New Balance, Titolo created the perfect companion for spontaneous summer adventures 247 “Deep Into the Blue”

Long, warm evenings, chirping crickets and the taste of cocktails and ice-cream   summer is almost here, and so is the latest collaboration between New Balance and Titolo. It’s not just the name that brings back memories of spontaneous, carefree summer days  the sneaker’s aesthetics are just as summery. Beautifully crafted dark blue suede will remind you of cool water, while the high-tech neoprene details add contrast. The terrycloth New Balance logo brings beach towels to mind, and is sure to delight fans of all things vintage. Meanwhile, the pink and purple heel taps steal the show, complementing the terrycloth logo on the outside of the shoe. And of course, you’ll find the Titolo logo on the tips of the laces. This fresh new shoe will captivate you with its spontaneity and exciting mix of materials. Dare a leap into the blue with Titolo.

New balance 247 into the blue